Live performance for The Tailor of Torzhok .What we'll be listening today.

STILL - El sastre de Torzhok (Protazanov, 1925)

Everytime I write cuesheets for building guided-improvised-music for the silents, some last minute changes do happen, and it happened again while watching two previous screenings at this 33rd Pordenone Silent Film Festival.

I expected no copy of Protazanov's 1925 film THE TAILOR OF TORZHOK I will be performing today for the wonderful Pordenone Silent Film Festival, but its director Mr. David Robinson did send a link around 20 days before. With half a month of preparation I was able to setup a cue sheet including references to the music of Shostakovich, Borodin, traditional russian music and some [anachronic] patterns coming from Aram Khacaturian's piano music, plus, (more in a second) little jazz-like tunes. Though, last minute changes happen...

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